Unions Walk Strong in Show of Unity and Fun at the NYC Labor Day Parade

BCSA President, Crystal Barton, Reports from the Scene

Thousands of working men and women from 150 unions and labor groups marched in the New York City Labor Day Parade on September 7.    AFSA’s own President, Ernest Logan, was Parade Chairman and served as Grand Marshall.   Mass was celebrated at St. Patrick’s Cathedral before the start.

President Barton reports that the Patriot Brass Ensemble, members of the American Federation of Musicians, Local 237, was a toe-tapping, heart thumping, and an exceptionally talented, exciting lead group of the demonstration.  They were followed by unions representing American workers of every kind including teachers, administrators, firefighters, nurses, postal workers, bakers, taxi drivers, bricklayers, carpenters and countless other professionals, who dedicate their lives to the strength, prosperity, in and well-being of the country.  

It was impressive to have educators play such a prominent role in this Labor Day show of solidarity. President Barton was especially proud of the large part AFSA played in the leadership of the Parade.

From her vantage point in front of St. Patrick’s, President Barton shares some of the sights she saw.  She was inspired by watching the workers who make America great.