President Biden Moving in Right Direction on Student Mental Health

"President Joe Biden’s focus on the mental health of students in his State of the Union address is a giant step forward for the country as we try to bring some level of normal back into the lives of the students we serve every day. This type of investment can have real returns for all of us as we move forward," said AFSA Presidetn Ernest Logan.

"However, one of the missing ingredients in Biden’s plan is the lack of acknowledgment that educators across the country are also in great need of support," he added. " As a nation, we must take care of the people empowered to teach our children and lead our schools. If they don’t have a strong footing, it is hard for them to effectively educate our next generation. If they are not supported, they may exit the profession and deepen the already-large educator shortages we are enduring right now."

"Let’s expand President Biden’s idea of more mental health professionals in our schools supporting students to include a larger, comprehensive, school district-wide effort that addresses the needs of all students, teachers, support staff and leaders within the school community."