Burgard HS Students Spend Saturdays Investing in Their Futures

Meet Buffalo’s Newest Auto Mechanics, Welders, and Machine Tool Operators

While many teenagers covet their time to sleep in on the weekends, 9th through 12th grade students at Burgard High School in Buffalo choose more education and training.  Appropriately dressed in their work suits/jackets, safety boots, goggles, and, of course, their COVID masks, they dutifully report to Saturday school.   

Both male and female students can be found underneath the hood of a car inspecting an engine or changing tires.   Others are in welding shop with their torches shaping metal into plant holders.  With our city’s future looking bright, the need for the “Saturday Skills” these students are learning will be welcomed in a job market where demand is high.   Congratulations to the staff at Burgard, led by BCSA Principal Charlene Watson, for providing this enhanced learning opportunity.