Burgard HS Staff Trains in Mental Health Response

Burgard Teachers and Administrators Learn to Be Mental Health First Aiders

Do you know how to respond when you see someone experiencing a panic attack?  Because of Project AWARE training that the staff at Burgard took, they are able to recognize the signs of this and other mental health crises and respond appropriately.  We know that our students have been extraordinarily stressed by all the challenges that have come with COVID.  Now, the adults at Burgard know what to say because they are mental health first aiders.

Charlene Watson, Principal

BCSA members Arlene Adams, Project Administrator, and Principal Charlene Watson, teamed up to bring Project AWARE training to the staff.  The next step will be the creation of a Wellness Center to continue mental health first aid training and to enhance the program with peer advocates and community partners.  Recognizing and reacting correctly to a mental health episode can go a long way to being able to calm and help.  A salute to administrators, Arlene Adams and Charlene Watson, for bringing this valuable program to Burgard.